About Palouse Touring

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Palouse Touring has had one mission as a company since we started in 2013: Delivering the most exquisite, entertaining, and exciting luxury tours in the Palouse area!

We believe in that mission, and in continuing to provide only the best for our clients and their friends, families, coworkers, or fresh acquaintances while they ride with us in one of our luxurious presidential limousines, spacious airport shuttles, or decked-out party buses.If you or someone you know is looking to move up in the world with a tour package from Palouse Touring, please feel free to browse our tour packages here on this site, or call us at our main number with any questions you might have at 855-TAXI-4-US!

Why Choose Palouse Touring?


Prestige. If you’ve ever seen our presidential limousines cruising through downtown Moscow or Pullman, then we’re sure you heard the buzz that comes after! Our limousines are so stunning, everyone will look at your limousine tour via Palouse Touring with supreme jealousy. Our limousines turn heads while you relax in the presidential comforts they provide.


Fast. Always on time, always quick to respond. We love our business and our customers, and we know that without our customers we wouldn’t exist. As a result, we provide a fast, efficient, and timely service that never ceases to satisfy.


Inexpensive! If you’ve ever tried to book a limousine before with any other service, we’d bet ┬áthat you’ve been quoted exorbitant amounts of money! Before you go and spend thousands of dollars on a service with potentially lower quality, come to us, express your needs, and we will make sure your special occasions don’t break the bank, but certainly don’t seem cheap! We are always interested in talking with you about your situation, budget, and overall needs, and we can design a plan to fit.

our team

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