Basalt Cellars

“Basalt Cellars Winery is the sum expression of two people’s passion for great wine and a local 100 year plus history of viticulture in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.”
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Basalt Cellars has become a regional staple in the wine industry. Critically acclaimed, nationally lauded, and individually impressive, Basalt Cellars stands head and shoulders above the competition with their superior products and history. Basalt Cellars packs everything you could ever want into a winery experience, including of course their top-of-the-shelf wines that undeniably crush the competition.

“Basalt Cellars came out of the gate very strong with great reviews including double gold on their first Merlot. Since then they have gathered multiple gold medals on subsequent vintages of Merlot, Syrah and Lemberger with the 2006 Lemberger and 2007 Merlot both awarded a Platinum Medals!”

With it’s long history of outstanding wines, great service, and best-in-class presentation, Basalt Cellars is one of the must-tour wineries on our list. Come and join Palouse Touring on a tour of Basalt Cellars today!