Clearwater Canyon Cellars

Clearwater Canyon Cellars is an innovative, optimistic, and well-reknowned winery that is fast becoming a namesake of Lewiston. Everything they do, they do with passionate and steadfast strategy, and have worked for the last decade to become what they are today.
“Driven by our desire to work together each day toward the goal of producing ultra-premium wines from Lewis-Clark Valley fruit, we now solely operate Clearwater Canyon Cellars. We are inspired to bring notoriety back to the valley as a world-renown area for making award-winning wines.”
Award winning Clearwater Canyon wines

That’s not all they offer, however, as Clearwater Canyon Cellars reinforces their intentions of bringing not only noteriety to the area, but a relaxing, laid-back experience to those that frequent there.

“Expect a laid back atmosphere when you walk into Clearwater Canyon Cellars. Our entire production facility is housed within one large industrial room. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary tastings of several wines and walk among the barrels and tanks. You can see how we are making the wine and talk with the winemakers/viticulturists on Saturdays.”

All in all, Clearwater Canyon Cellars is an award winning winery that you have to see to believe, and you’ll have an incredibly fun time doing it! Come visit them with Palouse Touring today!