Colter’s Creek

“Mike and Melissa have always shared an interest in wine. On a cold, winter drive along the Clearwater River, they took a side path home and came across an overgrown yet picturesque vineyard for sale along the Potlatch River… The rest is history. They have since focused their zeal into establishing Colter’s Creek Winery and Vineyards.” –
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Colter’s Creek is the definition of what it takes to make a winery feel like a instant regional classic. Colter’s Creek is, as a result, one of the crowning achievements of our region and a standalone winery that imbues their classical, natural, and heavily sought after approach to wine-making with their hard work, dedication, and passion for success.
“The vines of Colter’s Creek are nestled along the Potlatch River near its confluence with the Clearwater. The elevation of the vineyard is between 800 and 1200ft., making it one of the lowest elevation vineyards in Idaho. The steep, south-facing slopes of the river canyon coupled with the cooling effect from the river makes thisa perfect site for growing grapes.” –
Not only do they have the right approach, they also have a beautiful location. Colter’s Creek is one of the most beautiful vineyards in the region, if not the state, and as such it gives one the impression of being a part of something larger and more grand than any normal vineyard. Colter’s Creek is the very living production of tender loving care and a great deal of patience, and these qualities can be felt in the atmosphere of the winery as a whole.Come visit Colter’s Creek with Palouse Touring today, and see what everyone is talking about for yourself!