Winery Tour Packages

We Offer The Most Exquisite Winery And Brewery Tours On The Palouse!

Booking a wine tour is not only affordable, but easy as well!

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“Visit the most outstanding wineries in the Palouse valley. Each winery possesses unique wine making techniques that manifest themselves through every sip. There is something for everyone from the most experienced wine tasters to a first time novice.”

Below is a table that allows you to choose your package level of service for your winery tour! Just click to choose your price!

Silver Package
Gold Package
10% Off Wine Bottles  greencheckmark  greencheckmark
Free Wine Tasting  greencheckmark  greencheckmark
Wine Tasting 101  redxmark  greencheckmark
Vineyard tour  redxmark  greencheckmark
A Light Lunch  redxmark  greencheckmark
Click To Choose Your Price! $29.99* $49.99*
*Pricing is per person. Prices quoted are for the first winery. An additional fee is added in the amount of $10 per additional winery toured on either package.